Sunshine Nursery And Primary School Celebrates Nigeria @60 (Diamond Jubilee)

The Independence Day has a great importance in every citizens life. This day reminds us every year that freedom is sacred, and citizens must do everything to ensure that it shall not be endangered.

The school marked and celebrated Nigeria’s Independence Day on October 1st,2020. It was a virtual meeting and an exciting moment for pupils, teacher and our dear parents were not left out as they gave their support and encouragement. The celebration opened with recitation of the National Anthem followed by the School Anthem and then the National Pledge.

The Children’s Debate Presentation Lower primary

Topic: Children should not be exposed to technology

Iwintolu Pemisire (primary 1): As children develop their language skills, they are able to learn ideas that equip them with skills necessary in communicating with other people. When technology is used rightly, it can be uses in collaboration with other people. Technology also made it possible for us to have the virtual Independence Day celebration since physical gathering is not allowed because of Covid19.

Oyedele Jolajesu (Primary 2): It is necessary for children to be exposed to technology because it enables us to develop our skills and talents. When children are exposed to music or writing exercises on screen early on, parents are able to discover their children’s interest and inclination. Technology also presents opportunities to different activities children may eventually engage in.

Abuloye Oyeladun (Primary 2) opposing: children’s exposure to technology without parental guidance often more distract and likely make children lose focus and can impact a child’s development of imagination.

Njokoma Chile (primary 3): The benefit of exposing children to technology cannot be exhausted as it helps in developing their language skills. There are many apps and games to help boost their vocabulary and teach them to look for word meaning. Worthy of mention is the Edmodo platform where learning is not limited to the four walls of the classroom.

Higher Primary




Okunmakinde Irediran (Primary 4): Taking away freedom of speech from Democratic citizens implies backwardness. Freedom of speech is necessary for a country to grow as this give the citizen chance to make their needs, lacks and opinion know. Therefore, taking this freedom from them means taking away the voice of the people. It is necessary for a country to see her weaknesses and fix them.

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