Our Mission Statement

To raise up a crop of Nigerian children, who see themselves as Nigerians and believe that they have the power to make Nigeria great by reaching their full potential as individuals.

Through an integrated curriculum design:

  • Engage children’s minds & curiosity, stimulating learning and self-discovery.
  • Foster literacy, scientific inquiry, artistic expression and cross-cultural understanding

Lay emphasis on each child’s strength and potential

  • Maximize each child’s academic and personal growth
  • Protect and honour individual uniqueness
  • Provide experiences, which enable children to discover and nurture their individual talents.

Make a difference in understanding people and ourselves

  • Teach children to believe in themselves as Nigerians first, then as Africans and bona fide citizens of a global society
  • Believe that they have the power to make Nigeria a great Nation
  • To break down cultural, religious, and ethnic barriers between Nigerian children by providing cross cultural collaboration via the curriculum